Stem Cell Recovery System

In-clinic procedures work on the principles of “controlled injury” to skin tissue through light, electric currents, needling and other modalities. This initiates natural healing, intended to encourage “forced” skin regeneration and ultimately improved aesthetics.

Skin that is deliberately “damaged” by in-clinic procedures may experience:

  • Edema
  • Erythema
  • Feelings of warmth
  • Discomfort
  • Itching

The skin’s recovery after a treatment is largely determined by the age of the patient and successful healing in an older patient may be restricted. Therefore aesthetic outcomes and patient satisfaction of in-clinic procedures may be affected. Ageing skin takes a longer time to recover and the prolonged recovery period may lead to:

  • Increased discomfort for the patient who will be resistant to future procedures
  • Complications that can lead to scarring or pigmentation

For Exceptional In-Clinic Results

The CALECIM® Professional system contains high concentrations of active stem cell proteins derived from umbilical cord lining. It provides an unprecedented combination of cytokines and growth factors that are physiologically balanced exactly as nature intended to activate tissue renewal. This complex mix of proteins is what makes up Cord Lining Conditioned Media, the active ingredient in CALECIM®. It works on traumatised skin by creating cellular messages that help:

  • Improve aesthetic results
  • Reduce the appearance of redness, swelling and discomfort immediately post-procedure
  • Reduce down time
  • Visibly works to define and correct facial definition
  • Improve the look of skin density and encourage radiance and glow

Enhance Procedures. Optimise Results


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